Tried and True – La Morra celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

Is cooking really “all about being famous?”
A decade later, the loyal fans of La Morra come for the food, the wines,
and a staff that knows them by name.

In the late 1990’s Josh and Jen Ziskin lived in a small mountain village called La Morra, in the Piemonte region of Italy. There Josh cooked with some of the best chefs and Jen studied the wines of the region. The Ziskins lived and cooked and dreamt of opening their own restaurant in Boston. They wanted to keep the memory of La Morra alive.

And they did just that! Ten years ago they found a cozy two story building in Brookline Village and opened La Morra, recreating the small family restaurants they trained in and came to love while living in Italy. Chef Josh installed a wood burning grill and began serving the most flavorful roast meats and fish. Armed with a vintage pasta maker, he began to turn out homemade pasta to go along with his renowned Bolognese

Jen created a wine list highlighting small producers in Northern Italy – wines to complement every dish on the menu. Today Jen constantly revises the wine list as she discovers new winemakers on her many return trips to the region. Husband and wife collaborate on La Morra’s popular wine dinners introducing wine enthusiasts to special vintners such as Luca Currado from Vietti and Walter Fissore from Cogno.

Ten years later, Chef Josh continues to offer authentic dishes from Northern Italy bringing New England’s best seafood and local produce to a menu which changes with each season. Grounded in craft and artisan training, Josh will tweak traditional dishes, inspired by what is fresh in the markets. Still, as touted on the food blog Tutto Morso – there is always A commitment to old ways at La Morra.

As we watch one popular restaurant after another beget a new location, it’s refreshing to celebrate the quiet success of La Morra, a restaurant that has stood the test of time and remains a “go-to” favorite.

For the millennials who have discovered La Morra, they too appreciate that fabulous food does not always have to be pricey, proving that people will still beat a path to your door whether you made it to Hell’s Kitchen or not.

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